Well on track for a great Ballarat Cup

AS RACECOURSE manager at the Ballarat Turf Club, this week is about as big as it gets.

I’m currently preparing for my third Sportsbet Ballarat Cup Day after joining the club from a role in Wangaratta.

Racing has been in my blood ever since I was born, with my parents training horses all of their lives. My aim in this industry from the start has been to improve race and training tracks. 

I always hated to see my parents’ horses get injured on tracks so I wanted to make a difference.

I started working at Cranbourne Training Complex in 1997, doing my apprenticeship in Turf & Horticulture, before moving to Warrnambool in 2002 to be the assistant racecourse manager.

In 2004, I moved to Stony Creek as track manager, before taking up the same role in Wangaratta in 2009.

From here, I progressed to the state’s biggest country track in Ballarat and I’ve loved it.

Looking ahead to Sunday’s race day and I couldn’t be happier with the way the track has bounced back from the winter we have had.

Planning for a Cup meeting is the key to a successful day and the team I have on the ground and also in the office makes it easier.

As the weather looks very good leading up to and on the day, with temperatures forecast to be in the high 20s, I will be trying to keep the track in the dead 5 to slow 6 range.

There are obviously horses that like different types of tracks. 

Some like it hard and some like it soft, but at the end of the day you can’t keep everyone happy. 

I will be trying my best to provide a happy medium. Bring on Ballarat Cup Day!