Ballarat taekwondo students take on the national stage

NOTHING will stop trio Kylaah Neil, Adam Murphy and Keegan Smart when it comes to taekwondo.

The three Ballarat Taekwondo students all competed in the National All Styles competition earlier in December.

Neil placed second nationally in 12-13 year-olds 10th kyu to 6th kyu point sparring, earning herself the title of Victorian champion in the event.

Murphy placed sixth in 15-17 years continuous sparring, and fourth place in point sparring for 16-17 year-olds. 

Smart won a state-against-stage team event in point sparring.

He also competed in individual events, including fourth in open point sparring 7th kyu to 9th kyu and sixth in open continuous sparring.

Ballarat Taekwondo instructor Simon Andrew said he was proud of their progress. 

“They’ve only been doing competitions for a couple of years – they’re improving all the time,” Andrew said. 

“It’s been great they’ve been able to get so much experience competing.”