Young couple to be first in new suburb of Lucas

WHEN Stuart Lawrence and Jacqui Petrie decided they would build their first home in Lucas, never did they think they would be the first couple to move in.

The young couple yesterday received the keys to their new house, the first completed house in Ballarat’s newest suburb.

The first of more than 2500 planned allotments in the suburb, both said they were thrilled to be so close to moving in to their first home.

They expect to move in by mid-January.

“We’re pretty excited to say the least,” said Ms Petrie.

“It’s such a little community and we can’t wait to see it develop around us.”

The couple are located firectly opposite Lucas Dawn neighbourhood Park – the first designated park area to be constructed.

They are currently surrounded by vacant areas, but with 125 lots already sold, houses are certain to start popping up in the near future.

“We didn’t expect to be the only ones here that’s for sure,” Mr Lawrence said.

Integra land development manager Nick Grylewicz said it was an exciting time for buyers and that Lucas was constantly changing.

Woolworths has started construction and is scheduled to open late in 2013.

“We are pleased to welcome Lucas’ first residents and look forward to many more families calling Lucas home in early 2013,” Mr Grylewicz said.