20-month-old falls from balcony

KidSafe Victoria issued a reminder for parents to remain vigilant around their children after a 20-month-old girl fell from a balcony on Christmas Day.

The girl fell from a height of about 1 metre and sustained head injuries, Ambulance Victoria said.

She was taken to Maryborough District Health Service, and  then transferred to Ballarat in a stable condition just after 1.30pm.

She has since been discharged.

Kidsafe Victoria, president,  Robert Caulfield said even falls less than a metre off the edge of ground level verandas or decks could be highly dangerous for babies and toddlers. 

Mr Caulfield said the chair and table combination left against the safety railing could act as a simple set of steps for toddlers.

“A toddler can easily climb onto a chair and then onto the top of the table placing them in a very dangerous situation.”

“They are top heavy, have no understanding of the danger of heights and there is no barrier to stop them falling.”

Mr Caulfield said a number of deaths and serious injuries had occurred in the past twelve months with children falling from apartment balconies and open windows.