Cycling spectators urged to leave home early

SPECTATORS for the Cycling Australia Road National Championships are encouraged to allow extra time if using V-Line transport.

Due to works on the Regional Rail Link, all trains are replaced by busses until the January 13.  V-Line spokesperson Colin Tyrus said V-Line was confident that the busses would  accommodate all. 

“In the past our trains have had the capacity to take everyone from Melbourne to Ballarat and vice versa during the championships,” Mr Tyrus said. 

“People won’t be able to take bicycles on the busses though, but it will be spectators travelling, not competitors so it wouldn’t be an issue.”

Cycling Australia commercial director Mike Edgely said the alteration wasn’t a concern. 

“It’s a five day event, from today to Sunday, so people generally come and stay locally in the region and will drive,” Mr Tyrus said. 

The temporary V-Line timetable is available at

V/Line trains have been replaced by buses temporarily.

V/Line trains have been replaced by buses temporarily.