Stop arson, Crime Stoppers warn, on state tour

Crime Stoppers Victoria has made its first stop along a roadshow around regional Victorial advocating the need to stop arson. 

With residents on high alert during this year’s fire season, throughout January Crime Stoppers Victoria are running a Bushfire Arson Roadshow to encourage the public to report information relating to bushfire arson. 

Crime Stoppers CEO Samantha Hunter said it is important to report any suspicious activity with 20-30 per cent of bushfires deliberately lit.

“They are avoidable, we are asking the community to be the eyes and ears for crime stoppers, if they see anything suspicious maybe an odd car somewhere, get the rego, make and model of the vehicle,” she said.

Ms Hunter said by just providing a small piece of information can potentially provide police with a lead.

“Any information the public provide is valuable to police in various ways because it may provide police with missing puzzle pieces,” she said.

“We believe when an arsonist is in a community where people are on the look out they are less likely to act suspiciously.”

Ballarat senior station officer Mal Jones said the potential for a fire to outbreak because of arson is extremely high. 

“If there is someone lighting fires who is to know how bad it could get,” he said

Detective sergeant Jefferson Gooden said every detail is crucial to an investigation.

“People in the community who notice even the smallest aspect of suspicious activity helps us excess the situation.”

Ms Hunter urges anyone who notices a vehicle or person behaving in a suspicious manner to record any details and call the police or Crime Stoppers. 

If you see something suspicious give crime stoppers a call on 1800 333 000