Bowls: Victoria beats Central Wendouree

VICTORIA is well on its way to having a coveted finals’ second chance position, after beating Central Wendouree 104-75 in the Ballarat District Bowls Division weekend pennant Geelong-Ballarat premier division.

It has pulled away from Sebastopol on the ladder and now has 10 wins, sitting just behind top-of-the-ladder Ocean Grove. 

Barry Clark’s rink led the victory, with Barry finishing 19 shots up against Bill Durand 36-17.

Clark said the whole match involved great team performances.

“If one person didn’t get the shot, the next person just stepped up,” he said.

“It was a great overall team performance – and that’s what will win the championships.

“Brian Boyle led really well for me and Noel Verlinden had a really good match.”

Although the final score reads that Victoria had a comfortable win, the

day was quite close.

“There wasn’t much in it all day though – we were up by 15 or so at afternoon tea, and then Central Wendouree came back at us to close the gap to about 10 shots, before a few of us bowled some big numbers,” Clark said. 

Central Wendouree’s Greg Brown was able to secure two points for the side, by narrowly defeating Shaun Clark 21-20. 

Skipper John Nunn said the side struggled with the slow green.

“We were competitive, but not competitive enough,” Nunn said.

“Three rinks were quite close, which is good. Bill Durand’s rink was within seven shots at one point, but then they bowled a seven which set them back.”

Victoria’s Jess Thomas defeated John Nunn 42-22 and Jarrod Burt rolled Eric Kosloff 24-19. 

In another premier division match, Sebastopol was narrowly beaten by Geelong West, with split rinks and a final score difference of only one shot, 87-86.

Sebastopol continues to hold its top four position, presently in third place. 

Skipper Rob Baker said after

leading most of the day, Geelong West won the final four ends to finish with their one shot lead. 

Ocean Grove’s Matthew Flapper had a superb match, rolling Ryan Tainton’s rink 40-14, a 26 shot difference. All up, Ocean Grove beat Bareena 99-77, knocking them out of the top four.

Highton is continuing their second half of the season surge after beating Avenue 105-85. Highton took three rinks, with Graeme Wright leading the victory, defeating Glen Arthur 42-25. 

Webbcona had a good win against Lara 101-95, earning themselves back a position in the top four. The rinks were split, with Ben McArthur’s rink helping Webbcona across the line defeating Matt Crane 28-20.

LADDER: OCEAN GROVE 182 points, 11 wins; VICTORIA 172, 10; SEBASTOPOL 152, 9; WEBBCONA 136, 8; Bareena 130, 7; Geelong West 112, 7; Highton 79, 4; Lara 76, 3; Avenue 71, 2; Central Wendouree 60, 3.