Charlie keeps cool with his reptile friends

AS the temperature soared in Ballarat yesterday, what better way was there to keep cool than swimming with a Burmese tortoise?

It might sound odd, but that’s what two-year-old Charlie Parker did at the Ballarat Wildlife Park.

Under the close watch of older brother Stuart, Charlie took a dip in the tortoise pool with a 35-year-old Burmese brown tortoise – the only male of its kind in Australia.

Such is the youngster’s love for reptiles, he also splashed around with a carpet python and boa constrictor in the water. Amused visitors watched on as the lively two year old cuddled and held the snakes.

His father Greg Park, owner of the wildlife park, said Charlie had virtually grown up in the park.

“The park is his backyard, he has an infinite amount of pets,” Mr Parker said. 

“He’s always begging to come out here, and when he does come out here, we can’t get him home.”