Sebastopol family fears staffy stolen for dog fighting

Sarah Parsell, 7, has lost her best friend Ruby, a Staffordshire terrier, and is hoping you can help bring her home.

Her mother Deborah Parsell believes the dog was stolen during the day from their home in Hertford Street, Sebastopol, on January 3.

“She was in the backyard with us and had run out through the side gate. I noticed she was gone straight away,” Ms Parsell said.

“I knew she’d been stolen because she’d disappeared as soon as I got out the front.

“I jumped in the car and went one way and sent the kids the other but she’d gone.”

Ms Parsell said flyers she posted around Sebastopol appealing to the community for help finding Ruby have been pulled down.

Recent sightings of Ruby with a group of teenage boys are keeping hopes high for her return.  

Ruby, who is almost three, is white with black/brindle patches and has been reported stolen on her microchip. 

Sarah and Ruby share the same birthday on February 23 and were looking forward to their traditional shared birthday cake.

“I never really had anyone else to play with,” Sarah said.

A Facebook page called ‘Finding Ruby’ has been set up for anyone who has seen Ruby or has any information.

After being posted on Tuesday night the page already has over 500 members and contributions for a reward of over $500.

“We’re getting a lot of reports of people having seen her in Delacombe,” Ms Parsell said.

“We keep driving around there but we haven’t seen her.”

Fellow Staffy owner Julie Anthony, who  found out about the missing dog from the Facebook page, fears the worst.

“There are more than 25 Staffies missing already this year,” Ms Anthony said.

“Personally, I think they’re used for dog fighting.

“Because the pit bull has been banned people are now using Staffies because they’re so alike.”

Ms Anthony has been in contact with Ms Parsell and has offered an extra $1000 reward for the return of Ruby.

Anyone with information call Deborah on 0432 056 073 or visit the ‘FINDING RUBY’ Facebook page.