Mystery photo draws questions

EIGHTY-FIVE women, every one of them a mystery.

A photo with an unknown origin has emerged at Wozzles Wearhouse in Ballarat, but nobody can figure out where it has come from.

Wozzle’s volunteer Dinah McCance brought the photo into The Courier office this week, hoping somebody might be able to identify it.

Unsure if the photo even originates from Ballarat, it turned up among the donations at Wozzle’s just recently.

Ms McCance believes it was taken in the 1950s, but apart from that she remains clueless.

It features 85 women at a celebration, all of whom appear to middle-aged or older.

“We don’t know who they are, what they are or what the photo is about,” Ms McCance said. 

“It’s definitely from the 1950s and appears to be some sort of celebration but, apart from that, we have no idea.”

Although the photo might appear to be rubbish in the eyes of some, Ms McCance said there were instances where similar items drew a large amount of interest.

The charity has previously donated a photo of the now demolished Traralgon Hotel to the town’s historical society, as well as a series of postcards from Echuca from back in the 1940s.

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