Planned burns to take place in Ballarat area

PLANNED burns are set to be conducted today in a number of different parts of Ballarat to try and reduce the threat of bushfire.

Low wind and a clear skies will aid the Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI), Parks Victoria and CFA conduct the burns in Ballarat, Beaufort, Enfield and Smythesdale from noon today.

Planned burn advice shows the burns will take place in the following areas today:      

- Ballarat: Shuttleworth Road. 112 hectares, 8kms north east of Ballarat

- Beaufort: Cosmopolitan. 59 hectares, 16 kms north of Beaufort

- Enfield: Flemmings Rd. 150 hectares, 3 kms south east of Enfield

- Smythesdale: Vermont Rd. 450 hectares, 1 km south east of Smythesdale

Those near the above locations are advised to stay clear of areas where burns are taking place or areas that have recently been burned. 

Smoke may be visible in the following locations as well as from surrounding areas. Residents should close their windows and avoid putting washing out. 

Drivers are reminded that road travel may be hazardous due to low visibility.

If you are experiencing any symptoms that may be due to smoke exposure, the Department of Health advises that you should seek medical advice or call Nurse on Call on 1300 606 024.

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