The Waubra Foundation refuses to change its name

THE Waubra Foundation will not change its name.

The foundation’s board yesterday rejected a 300-signature petition by Waubra residents to take the town’s name out of its title.

Residents want their community's name back

In a written statement to The Courier, the foundation said local wind farm developers had “unfortunately” chosen to call it the Waubra Wind Farm.

It said the project had subsequently become “infamous” for the houses vacated or sold due to being inhabitable, its non-compliance with noise conditions and residents’ health problems.

“The name Waubra Foundation is established and is revered by victims of wind projects worldwide,” the statement reads.

“To change the name now would halt the momentum achieved by years of work by a small team of volunteers. Nothing would please the wind industry more.”

It said the name Waubra Foundation was chosen to honour and identify the location where wind industry victims were brave enough to take on the developer and fight for their health, homes and farms.

"The name Waubra Foundation is ... revered by victims of wind projects"

It also questioned the project’s receipt of more than $80 million in renewable energy certificates (RECs), referring to a Senate speech by Senator John Madigan last December which questioned if the Waubra Wind Farm was compliant with relevant planning permits.

“Once the Waubra petitioners ensure that Acciona meets their permit conditions and refunds the proceeds of any RECs that may have been inappropriately issued, then the name Waubra will become known for the courage and compassion of all its residents and not just those who, through no fault of their own, are victims.

“The foundation will not be making further comment on its decision.”

Acciona, which owns the Waubra Wind Farm, did not wish to comment.

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