Cancer survivor has new perspective on life, significant occasions

ROGER Moulton felt like a cancer survivor as soon as he was told he was cured. 

But he said Christmas was still a time to reflect and put life into perspective. 

His wife Olive was diagnosed with anal cancer in November 2009, before he was diagnosed with prostate cancer later that month. 

“We went through it together; we were each other’s co-patients and each other’s co-carers,” Mr Moulton said.

He underwent six months of  radiotherapy and Olive chemotherapy and radiotherapy. 

Now Mr Moulton is a cancer connect volunteer, sharing his story and experiences with those going through it.

“In those early stages, you’re in a space of shock and wonder and you don’t know what the future holds.

“But it’s never the end of the world.”

Mr Moulton is now 66 and his wife 62, and both seeing life in a different light.

This Christmas, they will see all of their family, but spend Christmas Day with Mr Moulton’s sister who has a terminal blood cancer.

“We don’t know how long she has left.

“This might be the last Christmas she has.”

For Mr Moulton, life hasn’t changed drastically, but he said the little things mattered more.

“Confronting a serious illness and getting over it does get you to reflect a bit more on significant occasions and the real meaning behind it,” he said.

 “I’ve always spoken to my kids once a week on the phone, but now that phone call means even more and I can’t explain why.” 

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