Commonwealth Games hopeful Angela Byrt backmarker for Daylesford women's gift

COMMONWEALTH Games aspirant Angela Byrt has the tight mark of one metre for the Daylesford women’s gift, 100m, at Cricket Willow on Saturday.

Byrt, 25, of Geelong, has her sights set on selection for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games this - most likely in a relay.

She has a personal best of 11.78 seconds for 100m, run in Melbourne in March in 2011.

She followed that up with 11.82 in April, 2012

Byrt’s best last year was 11.87 in Sydney.

In one of her latest outings, Byrt was second to Daniela Roman in the 100m at the Zatopek meet last month after winning the 100m at the Hunter Classic.

Melbourne’s Stephanie Mollica (3.25m) is among the back markers with Trychelle Kingdom (5m), Emma Johnson (5m), and Ballarat teenagers Holly Dobby (5.5m) and Jess Lehmann (5.75m).

Kingdom, of NSW, is a former national under-18 400m, and under-18 and under-20 800m champion.

The 23-year-old has also a former world junior championships representative, earning a bronze medal in the 4x400m relay in 2008.

Johnson, 20, is a past winner at Cricket Willow, having won the women’s 100m handicap in 2010.

Four share the back mark of five metres in the Daylesford Gift – Lachlan Innes, Shaun Fletcher, Adam Jackson and young long jumper Ryan McNamara.



100 metres

Lachlan Innes 5

Shaun Fletcher 5

Adam Jackson 5

Ryan McNamara 5

Ryan Clohessy 5.5

Greg Mitchell 5.5

John Nicolosi 5.5

Chris Hargreaves 5.75

Fraser Heard 5.75

Tamer Sirin 5.75

Jimmie Gladman 5.75

Cam Dunbar 6

Jonathon Dykes 6.25

Rhys Parkinson  6.75

Nathan Fox 6.75

Liam Procaccino 6.75

Douglas Greenough 6.75

Rob Lehmann 6.75

Dominic Hoskins 7.25

Jordan Keast 7.5

Adam Coote 7.5

Dale Lyons 7.75

Luke Versace 8

Leigh Phelan 8

Matthew Harvey 8

Wade Girotto 8.25

Richard Brown 8.25

Peter Knott 8.25

David Fenollar 8.25

Simon Carey 8.25

Matthew S’Astoli 8.25

Peter O’Dwyer 8.25

Jack Dooley 8.5

Scott Rowsell 8.75

Chris Eather 9

Tom Morehouse 9.25

Jon Rogers 9.5

Evan King 9.75

Marcus Cooper 9.75

Adam Cabble 9.75

Daniel Martin 10

Vic Sharma 10

Noddy Angelakos 10

Williams Little 10

Lawrence Coop 10

Angela Byrt 10.25

Marty Sinclair 10.5

Andrew Wilcox 10.5

Justin Templar 10.5

Craig Mair 10.75

Chris Roche 10.75 Tim Rosen 11.75

Steve Tilburn 12

Glenn Stephens 12.25

Greg O’Keefe 13.75

Brian Wright 14.25

John Hilditch 14.5


100 metres

Angela Byrt 1

Stephanie Mollica 3.25

Trychelle Kingdom 5

Emma Johnson 5

Holly Dobby 5.5

Jess Lehmann 5.75

Cleo Anderson 5.75

Jenna Cartledge 6

Narelle Lehmann 6

Anna Pasquali 7.25

Karli Tafft 7.5

Marty Sinclair 7.75

Kasey Moor 8.25

Julia Boatman 9.25

Chloe Barnard 9.5

Kim McDonough 9.75

Danielle McDowell 13

Megan McMahon 13

Donna McDowell 13.5

Samantha Hargreaves 13.5

Sony Pollard 14.75

Mandy Emmett 16

Jacqueline Scott 17.5

Elissa Ward 18.25

Angela Wilson 23.5

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