My Essentials: Lou Ridsdale, rock and roll gardener

AS the head honcho at Lance Rock Publicity and Z-Man Records, Lou Ridsdale can't live without music.

"I cannot go a day without listening to something musical," says Lou.

"Punk, hardcore, jazz, instrumental, classical, rock, and everything in between. I have a diverse musical palette to say the least. I am an avid collector of vinyl in particular."

But it's not just music that pushes Lou's buttons, she's also got a bit of a green thumb too and describes herself as a "rock and roll gardener".

She says she's a bit of a late bloomer when it comes to gardening but after moving back to her hometown Ballarat from Melbourne became obsessed with flower beds and vegie patches. 

Now she runs an organic gardening business on the side called Hey Hoe Let's Grow.

"I love organic gardening especially and believe that what you put in the earth it will repay you in double," she says.

Fred is a recent edition to Lou's world but has become an essential part of it. He is a rescue kitten she got on New Year's Eve after a post on local community radio station Voice FM's Facebook page. 

"I saw Fred needed a home and took him in. He's hilarious"

"I saw Fred needed a home and took him in. He's hilarious and a welcome delight," she says.

Lou also has a passion for Paris, having visited the city four times and loves watching films on DVD, her computer or at the cinema.

"There is something about the city of Paris that resonates with me – its beauty, its people, its culture, its je ne sais quoi," she says.

"It's where I feel most at home aside from Ballarat and Melbourne.

"I watch at least 3 or 4 movies per week and have a huge cinematic appetite. It helps me switch off and enter a creative sphere which I love. It always astounds me how clever directors are, and how brilliant actors can be."