Police raid uncovers stolen lawn mowers, luxury cars at Canadian property

A MASSIVE police raid uncovered more than half a million dollars in stolen items from a home in Canadian yesterday.

Swooping on the Spencer Street house just after 8am yesterday, police uncovered a gold mine of stolen vehicles, ranging from ride-on lawn mowers to luxury cars and even a stolen tow truck.

Other vehicles found include a stolen caravan, quad bikes and four cars, including a new BMW M6, which can be worth upwards of $200,000.

It is believed most of the vehicles were stolen from Melbourne.

Police also discovered 10 sets of stolen vehicle number plates among the collection in the home. 

Three people who lived at the house were all arrested and have been charged by police; two men aged 35 and 20, as well as a 23-year-old woman.

Police told The Courier last night the trio will each face 37 charges in relation to the raid.

The group is expected appear in Ballarat Magistrates Court this morning to face the charges. 

These charges include a variety of theft-related charges and firearm offences after guns here also discovered at the property. 

Police also found a locked safe on the back of the tow truck.

A locksmith had to be called in to open the safe, but it was found to be empty when police opened it.

All vehicles except a Hyundai Veloster were found at the rear of the property, which was obstructed by a large gate and fence and backed onto Sparrow Ground.

The house was also fitted with surveillance cameras.

Uniformed police, Criminal Investigation Unit detectives and Divisional Response Unit members were all involved in the raid, with police remaining on scene until about 3pm yesterday afternoon.