School's back for another year

AFTER a long summer break, schools will once again come to life as children return from today.

Some schools around the region will resume today, but others will continue with more staff training. 

Canadian Lead Primary School will have pupils back today, but they won’t get back to the normal timetable straight away.

Principal Scott Phillips said that this week pupils would receive one-on-one testing with their teachers to gauge where their class would be at and to plan for the year ahead. 

School captain and grade six pupil Chalise Barling said she was looking forward to her final year in primary school. “I’m excited about going back to school and seeing my friends again,” she said. 

“We’re not all going to be at the same schools next year so it’s our last year together.” 

Katarina Verde said she loved the school and was disappointed it was her last year, because she didn’t want to leave. 

Mr Phillips said he was excited to be back for the 2014 year. “There are lots of things we put in place last year, like a new reporting system focusing on kids’ goals, that we’re looking to build on,”  he said.

He said the first week would be spent settling pupils into a routine before they get to sink their teeth into the curriculum.