Man photographed riding scooter without a helmet

A PASSENGER riding on the back of a motorcycle without a helmet has been described as negligent and ridiculous by Ballarat police.

Just three days after a motorcycle passenger sustained internal and head injuries from a crash in which he was not wearing a helmet, The Courier photographed another man seemingly oblivious to the danger he was putting himself in.

The man was riding on the back of an electric scooter along Webster Street

without a helmet and was apparently wearing a short-sleeved shirt.

Certain electric scooters are not covered by the same rules as motorcyclists, although wearing a helmet is mandatory in either case.

Ballarat Highway Patrol Acting Senior Sergeant Stuart Gale said the behaviour of the rider and

passenger was “ridiculous”, particularly in light of Monday’s incident. 

“Someone riding on the back of a motorcycle, while not wearing a helmet or protective clothing, it’s gross negligence,” Acting Senior Sergeant Gale said. 

“Being a rider myself I would never get on a bike myself without a helmet, leather gloves and pants.” 

Monday’s crash occurred in front of Jackson’s and Co restaurant. The passenger, who was treated at the scene by paramedics, was transferred to the Royal Melbourne Hospital. He remains in a serious but stable condition.

Ballarat IT professional and motorcycle enthusiast George Fong, a member of the Ballarat Riders social group, said people doing the wrong thing in such a visible way damaged the image of all riders.

“There is a public perception that motorcyclists are devil may care and don’t have a high regard to themselves or other people on the road. That’s not the reality at all,” Mr Fong said.

 “Motorcyclists generally have a heightened sense of responsibility on the road. It is part of the survival training we get. 

“During summer especially there are an increasing number of motorcyclists who seem to think protective clothing is optional.

“It reflects on the majority of us who do the right thing.

“The exemption on electric scooters with regards to protective clothing worries us because people riding them are just likely to harm themselves as any other scooter or motorcycle.”