New leadership team to spearhead Ballarat cricket Country Week campaign

A NEW leadership team will look to take Ballarat Cricket Association back to the top level of Melbourne Country Week.

North Ballarat’s Bobby Hind and Napoleons-Sebastopol’s Carman Mapatuna have been appointed to respective captain and coaching roles ahead of the prestigious cricket tournament.

Hind takes over from Mt Clear batsman Matt Goonan, who skippered Ballarat last year, when the squad did not have an official coach.

A winless campaign at last year’s carnival cost Ballarat its place in the provincial division, meaning it has to win the division two title to earn elevation next season.

Ballarat Cricket Association president David Nichols said he was thrilled to have such experienced campaigners leading a young squad at this year’s titles.

“I really am pleased with the way Bobby and Carman have gone about it. My first introduction to Bobby was at the Kenmac Shield games and I think that right there he showed good, solid leadership,” Nichols said.

“Carman is a very, very good people person and cricketer and I’m pretty sure I have got the right coach.”

Nichols’ aim is to win the provincial title in season 2016-17 and said selectors had taken a long-term approach when picking the players to represent the association.

“We are taking two young guys in Ash McCafferty and Jakob Tidyman. Their role this year is to go down there and get some experience in senior representative cricket,” Nichols said.

“The BCA’s peers are the Warrnambools, Bendigos and Geelongs. If we want to have a share of attracting the Melbourne Renegades, Victorian Premier Cricket and all of those things, it’s really important we have a good brand.”

Ballarat’s 15-man squad gathered at Alexandria on Lydiard last night and was presented with BCA apparel ahead of the carnival, which kicks off on February 17.


Matt Cape – Darley all-rounder.

397 runs at 56.7; 13 wickets at 11.8

Carman Mapatuna – coach. Naps-Sebas 

all-rounder. 422 runs; 15 wickets

Bobby Hind – captain. North Ballarat batsman. 

394 runs at 49.2; 8 wickets at 19.1

Cole Roscholler – Wendouree batsman/

keeper. 455 runs at 45.5

Andrew Faulkner – Golden Point batsman. 

141 runs at 20.1

Ryan Knowles – Brown Hill all-rounder. 293 

runs at 29.3; 9 wickets at 22.6

Jason Knowles – Brown Hill all-rounder. 154 

runs at 17.1; 13 wickets at 16.5

Liam Rigby – Naps-Sebas all-rounder. 114 

runs at 14.3; 11 wickets at 29

Daniel White – Golden Point all-rounder 197 

runs at 32.8; 19 wickets at 19.4

Steve Nicholson – Mt Clear bowler. 15 runs 

and 6 wickets at 7.7

Andrew Warrick – Golden Point bowler. 25 

runs at 6.3; 15 wickets at 19.3

Ash McCafferty – North Ballarat bowler. 130 

runs at 16.2; 16 wickets at 17.2

Liam Brady – Wendouree batsman. 354 runs 

at 39.3

Jakob Tidyman – North Ballarat all-rounder. 

127 runs at 15.9; 6 wickets at 26.8

Dwayne Hiscock – Golden Point all-rounder. 

221 runs at 24.6; 11 wickets at 29