Magpie Primary School pupils meet their football heroes

MAGPIE Primary School pupils discovered some interesting facts about their football heroes when four North Melbourne Kangaroos paid a special visit to their classroom yesterday.

Michael Firrito, Leigh Adams, Eric Wallace and Joel Tippett participated in an illuminating question and answer session, covering such topics as “What team’s your worst enemy?” “When you were little in primary school who did you barrack for?” and “Are AFL players allowed to eat ice cream for dessert?”.

Even Kangaroos sneak a bit of ice cream for dessert when their trainers aren’t looking, the players revealed, but they had to try to stay healthy.

Magpie Primary School sports teacher Tim Beacham said the North Melbourne Football Club clinic was an opportunity for the pupils to meet AFL footballers.

Hopefully it also inspired some of the pupils to have a go at the sport, he said.

“We do a fair bit of fitness work so they want to ask some questions and compare their times to the times the footballers are doing,” he said.

“It’s fantastic the Kangaroos have the community camps in Ballarat.”

After question time, it was out into the playground to learn some practical football skills – from kicking and controlling to handballing.

Year 6 pupil Ryan Morgan said he enjoyed learning how to hold the ball to get it to spin.