Avenue finishes Ballarat District Bowls division one season off in style

AVENUE might not have found its way into the Ballarat District Bowls division one midweek pennant finals series, but it nonetheless finished the season off in style by defeating Daylesford away from home yesterday.

The visiting side tightened the screws to run out 70.75-58 round 18 winners.

The win was set up by Di Hardiment’s rink, which scored a 28-17 win over Daylesford skipper Dot Bull. 

The winning side did however suffer a setback, with lead out bowler Judy Auty retiring from the match with an injury, but Auty’s skipper Marie Russell still managed to salvage a respectable 25-18.75 loss to Liz Wigmore’s four in spite of her absence.

Doreen Connel’s team finished off the match by defeating Lois Voterakis’ four 24-16. The result meant Avenue finished the home and away rounds in fifth spot.

Midlands (sixth) continued its strong finish to the year by defeating Mt Xavier (eighth) 92-60, while third-placed Central Wendouree A belted its bottom-placed counterpart Central Wendouree B 91-41.

Smeaton consolidated its first place by beating Sebastopol (second) 76-61, while Creswick (fourth) scored a tight 72-57 win over ninth-placed Webbcona.

The semi-finals will be played at neutral locations on February 17.

LADDER: SMEATON 197 points + 107 shots, SEBASTOPOL 180 + 82, CENTRAL WENDOUREE A 178 + 185, CRESWICK 169 + 76, Avenue 153 + 124.75, Midlands 145 + 36, Daylesford 130 - 37.75, Mt Xavier 120 - 117.75, Webbcona 106 - 185.25, Central Wendouree B 62 - 270.