Head of the Lake: Race Results

Ballarat High School have won the Head of the Lake boys' race for 2014 in a new course record.

The win ends a 14 year drought for High School.

Ballarat and Clarendon College won the girls' Head of the Lake race.

Ballarat Grammar finished second in both races, after winning both last year.

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Click above for finish line photos of the winning crews today.

LIVE COVERAGE - as it happened.

MOST RECENT UPDATE AT TOP. (The following was the live Twitter Feed from @SportCourier, controlled by our sports team covering the event at Lake Wendouree.)

4.11pm. Ballarat High School win Boys Head of Lake in new course record of 6:39.98.

4.07pm: HISTORIC WIN FOR BALLARAT HIGH SCHOOL IN BOYS' HEAD OF THE LAKE!!! Last won in 2000. Boys Head of the Lake: BHS, BGS, SPC, BCC. Time 6:40.50

3.58pm: BALLARAT CLARENDON COLLEGE regains Girls' Head of the Lake crown. Girls' Head of Lake: BCC, BGS, LC, BHS - Time: 7:51.06

- Boys open div 2: BGS, SPC, BHS, BCC

- Open girls div 2: BCC, BGS, LC, BHS. Time for College win in girls open div 2 is 8:05.98

3.30pm: We're two races away now from Head of the Lake title races...

- Boys open div 3: BGS, SPC, BCC. Time 7:15.60

- Girls open div 3: BCC, Loreto, BGS, BHS. time: 8:29

- Combined boys open divs 4,5: BGS (4), BHS (4), SPC (4), BCC (4), BGS (5), Damascus (5)

- Girls open div 4: Damascus, BCC, BGS, Loreto, BHS

- Combined open girls divisions 5/6/7/8: BCC (5), BCC (8), Damascus (6), BCC (6), BCC (7)

- Boys year 10 division 1: BGS, BCC, SPC, BHS

- Girls year 10 div 1: BCC, BHS, LC, BGS

- Boys year 10 div 2: SPC, BGS, BCC, BHS

- Girls year 10 div 2: BHS, BGS, BCC, Loreto

- Boys year 10 div 3: SPC, BGS, BHS, BCC

- Girls year 10 div 3: Loreto, BCC, BGS, Damascus, BHS

- Combined boys year 10 divs 4,5: BGS (4), SPC (4), SPC (5), BGS(5), BCC (4)

- Combined girls year 10 divs 4,5: Loreto (4), BGS (4), BCC (4), Loreto (5), BHS (4), BHS (5)

- St Pats caps off dominance in year 9 boys with div one win from BCC, BGS, BHS. TIME: 3.44

- Girls year 9, div 1: BHS, BCC, Loreto, BGS

- Boys year 9, div 2: SPC, BGS, BCC, BHS

- Powerful Loreto win in girls year 9, div 2. BHS edge out BGS for second, BCC fourth

- SPC wins second boys race. It's the boy's year 9, div 3: SPC, BHS, BGS, BCC

- DAMASCUS WINS FIRST HEAD OF LAKE RACE!! Year 9 girls div 3: Damascus, Loreto, Grammar, BCC, BHS

- Year 9 boys divs 4,5,6: SPC (4), Grammar (4), SPC(6), SPC (6)

- The postponed year 9 girls div 5,6 gets a start. BHS (5) from Damascus, Loreto and BHS (6)

- First win goes to Loreto from BHS the Grammar in year 9 div 4