Ballarat students get in on the Clean Up Australia Day action

SEEING people dump their rubbish in parkland around Ballarat was the key to getting Tom Kelly involved with Clean Up Australia Day. 

Around 20 volunteers joined Mr Kelly at his selected site just off Tinworth Avenue in Mount Clear today. 

Mr Kelly was one of dozens across Ballarat to organise specific sites to 'clean up' as part of the national day on Sunday.

"I saw someone dumping rubbish in here so I decided it was time to come in here and clean it up," he said. 

"I think next year I will do the same thing, maybe not for this area but for somewhere else."

Mr Kelly's group was mostly made up of Federation University students.

"We are all students and we have come here to clean up the area that has become home to us," he said. 

"We are trying to look after our community and we hope the locals do the same and everyone chips in and does their part and thinks about what they are doing before they chuck their rubbish away."

The group managed to find a variety of garbage including tyres and even an old mattress in the bushland. 

People can donate to the cause and organise other clean up events throughout the year by visiting