US beer expert and Red Duck brewer to collaborate in a brew

HOME brewers of Ballarat will have a special opportunity next month to meet an expert craft brewer from America, visiting the city as part of Good Beer Week. 

Brian Strumke, from Stillwater Artisanal Ales, will be joining forces with Red Duck brewer Scott Wilson-Browne for a special  collaboration brew day.

The pair will be brewing a saison beer together and will have an open day where the public can come and ask questions of Mr Strumke. 

“He wants to use some Belgian (yeast). I wouldn’t say it’s unusual but in this country, it’s a pretty rare strain,” Mr Wilson-Browne said.

“The yeast is the key thing here because that determines the character.” 

Mr Wilson-Browne said Mr Strumke would be in Australia for one week. 

“They are coming over for Good Beer Week and are doing a couple of events,” he said. “So Brian said out of all the breweries, let’s do a collaboration with you.

“He is doing another one on the Mornington Peninsula, which I saw in the Good Beer Week program.”

Mr Wilson Brown will open up his brewery on May 23 for the event where anyone can drop by to meet Mr Strumke.