Ballarat mayor not invited to hear Labor's $30m news

THE mayor and various other City of Ballarat councillors were on hand for two of Tuesday's political announcements, but all were notably absent from Labor's election promise to build $31.5 million in sporting infrastructure.

However mayor Joshua Morris was absent simply because he wasn't invited. 

Speaking to The Courier at Premier Denis Napthine's wi-fi announcement he said while he was keen to talk with the opposition about the commitment, he had not been asked to attend the event. 

"We are very keen to work with the opposition in regards to their proposals and I have been in conversation with the Member for Ballarat West (Sharon Knight) this morning and having discussions about the proposal," he said. 

"We are very keen to have discussions with the opposition in regard to that." 

When opposition leader Daniel Andrews was asked if the City of Ballarat had been invited to the announcement, he said he wasn't sure, but that they would have been welcome to attend. 

He also said it was important to note the City of Ballarat had been a strong supporter of the project.