IPads relieve young patients' stress

ANXIETY is a major concern for children undergoing surgery. The two most stressful periods before the operation are when the child says goodbye to parents and when the anaesthetic mask is put on. 

Thanks to Telstra Business Centre Plus IT Ballarat and their donation of four iPads, children facing surgery at Ballarat Health Services Base Hospital are finding the experience less stressful. 

The computers help to reduce anxiety for children, who are using them to take their minds off the often frightening experience. 

Hospitals already using iPads for children say they have been effective in making scary procedures more tolerable, which reduces stress and anxiety for the children and their parents. Since the iPad can play videos and download new apps, it allows for age-appropriate engagement. 

Paediatric ward acting nurse unit manager Dolores Sayasane said surgical patients would be offered an iPad on admission. 

“Children will have access to the iPad during their stay in hospital. 

“They will be able to take it with them to theatre, where they can use it prior to their surgery as a way to reduce stress and anxiety. The iPad will then return with them to the ward where it can be used to play games, read books and watch videos.” 

Plus IT sales director Michael Cushing said he was pleased to be able to provide the iPads.