State government to make announcement about Ballarat rail line construction

AN announcement regarding the construction of a passing loop on the Ballarat train line, to be built near Ballan, is expected in the near future. 

Public Transport Minister Terry Mulder said an announcement would be made soon for the project, which was a promise made by the then Liberal opposition in the lead-up to the 2010 election. 

“We committed at the same time that we would build a railway station at Talbot and a passing loop at Ballan,” Mr Mulder said. 

“We have delivered the railway station at Talbot and in the not to distant future there will be an announcement in relation to a passing loop at Ballan.” 

Mr Mulder made a fleeting visit to Ballarat Railway Station yesterday.

“When I came to government, I came to VicTrack and asked them to identify parcels of land that were no longer used for public transport purposes that we could develop and enhance the entire precinct,” he said.

“That is the work the Ballarat City Council is working with at the moment and with VicTrack and the Victorian Government.

“I just want to refresh my memory to what the facilities there are like and certainly go back have further discussions with VicTrack and with the Ballarat City Council  going forward to see what the future is of the precinct.”