Police warn of road blitz over Easter period

BALLARAT drivers are being warned to stay focused and not be distracted while travelling this Easter period. 

Operation Crossroads gets under way overnight, which will result in a stronger police presence on the roads. 

Ballarat Highway Patrol Senior Sergeant Pat Cleary said it the roads would be busy over the holiday period and drivers should plan for extra traffic. 

“They need to be patient with other drivers and allow themselves adequate time to get to where they are going,” he said. 

“It is the holiday period so the people that are leaving and need to travel long distances need to prepare, fatigue is a big issue and is a big factor. 

“We know it causes collisions and people need to adequately prepare and get adequate sleep if they are going

to be driving long distances.

“They need to allow extra time for their travel, allow time for their breaks and ... break it up a bit.”

Sergeant Cleary warned drivers that police would be out in force so they should expect to see police cars on their journey. 

“We have got all our available units working, expect to see us out and about,” he said.

“But we need everyone to jump on board and to comply with the rules.”