Plans for a new suburb in Ballarat's west to tackle overpopulation

BALLARAT City Council will further target overpopulation in the west with a proposed new suburb, similar to Lucas. 

The new suburb would be bound to the east by Wiltshire Lane, to the west by the future Ballarat Western Link Road, to the south by the Glenelg Highway and to the north by the Ballarat-Carngham Road.

The council will vote on the proposal during this Wednesday’s ordinary council meeting and, if supported, will seek community consultation, including name suggestions.

“It is necessary to create a new suburb, as simply allowing existing suburbs to grow unchecked can result in localities becoming too large,” the proposal states. 

“Localities that are overpopulated become a problem in terms of location and often residents start identifying with estate names rather than the suburb name.” 

City infrastructure general manager Eric Braslis said while it was still early days, the new suburb would feature shopping, community and potential school precincts, similar to Ballarat’s newest suburb, Lucas. 

“Two years ago we started off the same process with Lucas,” Mr Braslis said.

“And as growth continues further to the south this is the next precinct we have identified.

“The purpose right now is to engage the community.”

The Courier spoke to several residents in Yorkdale Estate, a housing estate in the proposed parcel of land that would become a new suburb, yesterday.

All residents, who currently consider their suburb to be Delacombe, said they would welcome the change. 

Kristina Brooksby, of Yorkdale Boulevard, said the proposal made sense.

“It’s a great idea and it would make my life a lot easier,” Ms Brooksby said.

“Most people never know where this estate is because Delacombe is so big now.”

Clint Harris shared a similar view.

“I always say Yorkdale if someone asks where I live and that’s not the suburb at all,” he said.

“It will be great ... we’re not really anything here.”

Residents who will be affected by the proposal will be notified by letter shortly.