Modellers to exhibit big hobby on a small scale

KEEN model-makers Sean Haley and his grandson Alex Haley-Christy are gearing up for the 13th annual Ballarat Regional Scale Model Exhibition and Swap ‘n’ Sell.

The pair spend a lot of time making models together, and are both members of the Modellers of Ballarat Club. 

Alex, seven, is currently working on a plane.

He has always watched his grandfather at work, but has only got into model-making in the past year. 

“I like painting and putting it together, and I get to spend lots of time with Poppy,” Alex said. 

“I don’t usually get to paint around the house, but this way I can.” 

Mr Haley said he started when he was about Alex’s age and has always enjoyed it. 

“You can buy a kit from hobby shops and then you can paint it and put it together.”

Some of Mr Haley’s and Alex’s work will be on display at the exhibition, as well as traders and stockists. 

Mr Haley said people were welcome to sell any kits that they may have bought but which didn’t suit them. 

The day is run by The Modellers of Ballarat Club, which has about 20 members, but attracts about 1000 people.