A year on, cancer centre implements more new treatment techniques

THE Ballarat Regional Integrated Cancer Centre (BRICC) is implementing new radiotherapy technologies to help fight cancer.

BRICC head radiation therapist Steve Medwell said this month marked a year of radiotherapy treatments at the centre.

“We are ready to implement a suite of new treatment techniques that are considered as good as those in the very best cancer centres around the world,” Mr Medwell said.

“One of these new processes is called 4DCT. This enables radiotherapy planning to occur considering the full range of breathing motion when defining a tumour.

“We have also just begun a new process called “volumetric imaging” on the treatment machines.

“This is where a CT scan is taken before or after treatment to confirm that the soft tissue, or tumour, is covered by the radiation fields.”

Mr Medwell said treatment waiting lists had dropped from 16 weeks when BRICC first opened to patients able to begin treatment almost immediately.

Additional equipment has been installed and two new full-time radiation oncologists have joined the team.

“Industry leading treatment and research are crucial but we also believe BRICC is a sanctuary for patients, with a defined focus on wellness,” Mr Medwell said.

“Our care philosophy is one of treating you, not just your cancer.

“Patients and families love this approach to care and we encourage the community to get right behind the wellness philosophy.”

Radiotherapy treatment services within BRICC are provided by the Ballarat Austin Radiation Oncology Centre, with BAROC senior radiation therapist Ken Wan recently returning from presenting at the Kyoto Breast Cancer Consensus Conference.