Names fly in for new suburb

BALLARAT’S newest suburb should be named ‘Steve’ to keep Lucas company, ‘Mordor’ or ‘Lalor’, according to readers on social media yesterday.

Should the new suburb get the go-ahead tomorrow, residents will be encouraged to suggest names for the new locality as part of the community consultation process.

Facebook users got in early yesterday with some creative suggestions.

“... coming off the back of such a great choice with Lucas (not)... How bout Steve?” wrote Nick Smerdon.

Steven Pompe replied: “Yeah ‘Steve’, I’ll definitely vote for that.”

Some of the suggestions paid homage to Ballarat’s gold mining past, with ‘Lalor’ and ‘Stockade’ both mentioned, although Fiona Barnett pointed out that there was a Eureka already.

Ballarat’s iconic weather also proved a source of inspiration.

“Antarctica,” wrote Gavin Hogan.

“Frost...,” said Julie Briody.

More out-of-the-box suggestions ranged from ‘Mordor’ to ‘Council Offices’ and ‘Shelbyville’.

But Carolyn Rowan said it should be officially known as Yorkdale as the land was already “known as Yorkdale Estate and people are starting to associate the name with the area”.

The council’s official naming process will be conducted in accordance with council guidelines.