Mooning over annular eclipse

AN ANNULAR eclipse of the sun will be visible Tuesday night, where the moon will cover much of the sun before sunset.

Ballarat Observatory manager Judith Bailey said from some of the eclipse would be visible from several local higher vantage spots.

"The end of it will be after sunset, so won't be able to see that," Ms Bailey said.

She said 64 per cent of the sun would be covered by the moon.

"It will form a crescent shape, like sometimes you have a crescent moon."

She said the moon was at its furthest distance from the earth, so didn't cover the entirety of the sun.

From some other areas in the world, when the sun is directly behind the moon, a 'ring of fire' is also visible.

"We had one last year, but it completely depends on the cycle.

"There are usually two to seven eclipses on the planet each year."

An event will be held at the Ballarat Observatory for people to view the eclipse.

Ms Bailey said the observatory had filters which people could use to look at the eclipse.