Police question girl, 17, over high speed Victoria Street chase

A 17-YEAR-OLD unlicensed girl led police on a high-speed chase through the centre of Ballarat after failing to stop at a booze bus on Sunday night.

The learner driver, who was accompanied by another unlicensed driver, was accused of driving through a preliminary breath testing station without stopping in Curtis Street about 9pm.

Police then gave chase along Victoria Street, reaching speeds of almost 90km/h.

It was alleged the car ran through a number of red lights as it avoided police for about one minute.

Four police cars gave chase, apprehending the girl in nearby Stawell Street.

She was arrested, but refused to undergo a preliminary breath test, police said.

The booze bus was set up as part of Operation Eureka — a month-long operation to target anti-social behaviour and hoon driving.

Ballarat Police Acting Senior Sergeant Peter Carey said it was a concern that the girl had decided to get behind the wheel without a licence.

In addition to the 17-year-old girl, there were a further five drivers caught drink driving over the weekend.

“Hopefully it’s not a pattern, but it’s always concerning when a young person who is still actually learning how to drive is willing to get behind the wheel with unsupervised passengers in the car,” he said.

The 17-year-girl is expected to be charged with a range of driving offences and will appear at court at a later date.