Teams lock in playoff berths

WINNERS: Bungaree's Chris Thornton in action on Thursday night.

WINNERS: Bungaree's Chris Thornton in action on Thursday night.

Five teams have secured spots in the Ballarat District Bowls Division Super Dome Series playoffs.

With one round of regular season matches to play, Victoria, Buninyong, Sebastopol Gold, Midlands Golf and Creswick have already locked away their place in the knockout section of the competition.

Buninyong remains the only unbeaten side in the league after the quartet of Bill Jolly, Bob Jenkins, David Draffin and Mick Storey cruised to a straight-sets triumph over the Ballan Blue team of Ron Kelly, Steven Tingate, Alan Gathercole and Paul McNaughton.

Meanwhile, Len Robinson, Kevin Clohesy, Robert Briggs and Geoff Pickering carried Smeaton White to its first win of the campaign, beating Learmonth Blue’s Craig Findlay, Adam McCormack, David Kelly and Paul Morris in a tie-break.

The final round of matches will get underway at Sebastopol Bowling Club next Thursday night.



BALLARAT (Paul Thomas, Brad Fothergill, Aaron Emonson, Mark Fothergill) 11, 4 lost to BALLARAT EAST 

WHITE (Tony Driscoll, Craig Spratling, Jeff Ryan, Grant Bourke) 5, 8 (tie-break 1-0); CITY OVAL GOLD 

(Mick Brown, Wayne Clarke, Lloyd Sims, Gavan Mann) 5, 3 lost to MOUNT XAVIER WHITE (Dale Armstrong, 

Ben Horwood, Jack Duggan, Brian McKeegan) 7, 12; MOUNT XAVIER BLUE (Jack McDonald, Paul Forrest, 

Gerard Dooley, Ray Bellingham) 9, 4 lost to BALLARAT EAST BLUE (Matthew Cornish, Mark Ryan, Greg 

Stewart, Luke Glasson) 1, 9 (tie-break 1-0); VICTORIA (Wayne Saunders, Paul Tudorovic, Kane 

Silbereisen, Jesse Thomas) 7, 4 d CITY OVAL BROWN (James Cameron, Rosaleen Ryan, Maxwell Sargent, Nick 

Ravenscroft) 3, 4; AVENUE (Gil Tudball, Tom Bowtell Ben Gould, Alan Thistlethwaite) 14, 8 d DAYLESFORD 

GREEN (Kevin Gibson, Margaret Coffey, Gerald Coffey, Liz Wigmore) 3, 2; BALLAN RED (Brad Coffey, 

Marcus Darley, David Myers, David O’Hanlon) 5, 4 lost to BUNGAREE (John Maher, David Thornton, Chris 

Ward, Chris Thornton) 14, 18; INVERMAY (Graham Pidgon, Kitty Bulic, Norman O’Donovan, Allan Currie) 0, 

9 lost to DAYLESFORD RED (Paul Kelly, Winston Silbereisen, Joan Field, Dale Field) 19, 2 (tie-break 1

-0); BALLAN BLUE (Ron Kelly, Steven Tingate, Alan Gathercole, Paul McNaughton) 4, 1 lost to BUNINYONG 

(Bill Jolly, Bob Jenkins, David Draffin, Mick Storey) 9, 14


BMS RED (Brian Hickman, Rose Hickman, Wally Mason, Harry Johannsen) 14, 8 d SEBASTOPOL BLUE (Will 

Matthews, Greg Vagg, David Pratt, John Copeman) 3, 6; MIDLANDS GOLD (Barry Trezise, Geoff Jenkins, 

Neil Peoples, Peter Considine) 9, 9 d WEBBCONA GREEN (Chris Steenhuis, Rod Barton, Rob Rimmington, 

Brett Mahoney) 1, 2; BMS BLACK (Geoff Allan, Rob Dickinson, Stephen Byron, Phil Clamp) 10, 6 lost to 

SEBASTOPOL GOLD (Shayne Bromilow, Keith Urch, Paul Lovell, Ian Warner) 3, 7 (tie-break 2-0); WEBBCONA 

WHITE (Ken Frost, Daryl Muller, Neil Constable, Geoff Gullock) 5, 4 lost to CENTRAL WENDOUREE (Trevor 

Adams, Joy Adams, Paul Ryan, Len Vincent) 6, 7; LEARMONTH BLUE (Craig Findlay, Adam McCormack, David 

Kelly, Paul Morris) 1, 9 lost to SMEATON WHITE (Len Robinson, Kevin Clohesy, Robert Briggs, Geoff 

Pickering) 10, 3 (tie-break 1-0); LEARMONTH GOLD (Greg Plier, Ian Long, Luke Cornish, Wes Lennecke) 8, 

5 (tie-break 1-0); SMEATON MAROON (Sue Lafranchi, Robyn Bradshaw, Russell Bradshaw, Jim Taylor) 3, 9; 

CRESWICK (Alan Penrice, Steve Hepworth, Gerry Flapper, Travis Hedger) 8, 2 (tie-break 4-0) d BEAUFORT 

GOLF (Peter Anderson, Rohan Quinton, Keith Topp, Stephen Topp) 5, 5; CLUNES (Athol Chaffey, Barry 

Laws, Lindsay Tucker, Andrew Ingram) 3, 7 lost to LINTON & DISTRICT (Glenn Landers, Brendan 

Vandenberg, John Hetherington, Craig Grenfell) 9, 6 (tie-break 2-0)




Victoria 5 wins, +27 shot difference, Mt Xavier White 4 +11, Ballarat East Blue 4 +1, Ballarat 3 +30, 

Ballarat East White 3 -1, Mt Xavier Blue 3 -14, City Oval Gold 1 -15, City Oval Brown 1 -39


Buninyong 6 +104, Avenue 5 +37, Daylesford Red 4 +13, Ballan Red 4 -9, Bungaree 2 -5, Daylesford Green 

2 -10, Invermay 1 -53, Ballan Blue 0 -81



Sebastopol Gold 5 +39, Midlands Golf 5 +4, BMS Black 4 +18, BMS Red 3 +8, Central Wendouree 3 -5, 

Webbcona Green 3 -15, Sebastopol Blue 1 -24, Webbcona White 0 -25


Creswick 5 +25, Learmonth Gold 4 +32, Linton and District 4 +29, Beaufort Golf 3 +8, Clunes 3 +5, 

Smeaton Maroon 3 +4, Learmonth Blue 1 -41, Smeaton White 1 -62