Pair swims to shore at Lake Burrumbeet after falling off jet ski

Two Ballarat men had to swim for their lives yesterday when they fell off their jet ski at Lake Burrumbeet.

The men came off the jet ski at 3.15pm, but gusty winds blew their craft further towards the northern shore and away from their position.

They decided to ditch the jet ski and swim for the southern shoreline, back towards the main boat ramp.

One man, who did not want to be identified, told The Courier the pair were in “real trouble” even with flotation vests.

“We didn’t get back until 4.50pm,” he said.

“We just told each other not to panic and we eventually got someone’s attention (on the shore).”

The man said the choppy conditions meant the pair were swallowing water as they bobbed up and down in the swell.

Police arrived after a call from other lake users and the men reached the lake bank –500 metres away – not long afterwards.

“I was glad when I could feel the bottom that’s for sure,” he said.

Both men were not injured during the incident, but the jet ski had to be recovered later.

Police at the scene said with summer approaching, it was important for lake users to obey safety signs and abide by boating laws.

They said to never go swimming or boating alone and to always carry personal safety equipment when out on the water.