The Courier
For 155 years, as Ballarat has grown from a gold-fever city of tents to a modern regional capital, The Courier has been its leading media organisation, bringing the news that matters to the public.

It has remained the trusted news source to readers by reflecting the city in which they live, highlighting its issues and telling its stories, its tragedies and triumphs.

For a century and a half, these pages have faithfully reflected the best and worst of the city and the region.

It has also been the litmus test of change as people came and went, trends rose and changed, families grew up together and embraced newcomers.

The Courier has always been a thought leader and a platform for Ballarat’s best thinkers and planners but it also takes pride in its other high achievers, whether from its rich cultural or business life or its long history of sporting excellence.

It has also held a leading role in the community, promoting and partnering with leading causes and charities and creating its own avenue of philanthropic support through The Courier Charity Fund.

Generations of newspaper readers valued The Courier’s contribution to Ballarat in words and pictures and looked forward every morning to the best in local news and sport on their doorstep.

Now for more than a decade, a new generation of loyal readers are finding that mirror to their Ballarat in digital formats, the same great content when and how they want it.

It is a 155-year-old story of loyalty of a media organisation to a city and loyalty of its readers to a city and a newspaper they love.