Councillor highlights Miners Rest flood risk

A BALLARAT City councillor has led the push to knock back a two-lot subdivision in Miners Rest.

Cr John Philips said yesterday he believed the Howe Street land was at an unacceptable risk of flooding.

He said any future buildings on the six-and-a-alf hectare site would be too close to the Burrumbeet Creek, which runs to the east of the land.

“The other side of the road is all built up,but not this side. You have to ask why,” Cr Philips said.

The subdivision was put forward at the November 14 Ballarat City Council meeting, with the recommendation it be approved.

However, Cr Philips moved the motion be refused instead.

“When you don’t know of flooding risk, that’s bad. But when you do know of flooding risk, that’s irresponsible.”

Cr Philips said a Glenelg Hopkins Catchment Management Authority map used in the decision making was old, and the CMA had recommended a detailed survey assessment be undertaken to provide a more accurate floodplain delineation.

“When it floods, the water runs quite fast down here. When it flooded (in 2011), there was water all over the highway.”

The proposal also attracted three objections, which included drainage easement width, flood potential, frog and bird life impacts, rural outlook impacts and traffic and infrastructure provision.

Councillor John Philips.

Councillor John Philips.


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