Victoria climbs up ladder after defeating Creswick

VICTORIA continues its climb up the Ballarat District Bowls Division midweek pennant ladder. 

On the bottom two rounds ago, Victoria yesterday defeated Creswick 71-59 to give it two wins in a row. 

Victoria won two rinks with Creswick’s Beth Huntley thwarting a clean sweep by defeating Brenda Hughes’ team 23-18 on the Ballarat greens. This leaves Creswick second last after nine rounds.

Creswick team manager Beth Huntley said all the rinks were reasonably close, with Victoria winning two of the rinks that’s what made all the difference. 

“It’s been our story this year – we’ve had a few close games but we’re not winning them,” Huntley said. 

“We’re lacking a bit of depth, not combing as well as we should.”

Victoria skipper Ros Capuano after struggling in thee first few rounds, it was great to move off the bottom of the ladder. 

“In my rink, we won the first end, but then Creswick won the next couple, so we were dragging behind a bit. After lunch we were able to come together and get on top,” Capuano said. 

Capuano’s rink had the biggest win, finishing 11 shots up 29-18 against Judith Caddy. 

Glenis Ward secured the third rink for Victoria, 24-18 against Creswick’s Jean Rhook. 

Other matches in the midweek pennant weren’t so close, with two of the games having a difference of more than 40 shots. 

Central Wendouree A rolled Smeaton in all three rinks, with a final score of 96-54. Kay Geddes rink finished 20 shots up against Helen Mizzeni, 36-16. 

Daylesford beat Central Wendouree B 88 shots to 45, with Dot Bull having a 22 shot victory over Carleen Bowers, 35 to 13.

Midlands also had a good win, taking all three rinks against Mt Xavier, winning 76-48. 

Webbcona had a closer game against Avenue, but was unable to secure the win against the number two side, with Avenue winning 77-60 at Webbcona. Jackie Hammond took one rink for Webbcona against Dot Cook 25-20, but Avenue’s Marie Russell and Doreen Connell won. 


CENTRAL WENDOUREE 121 points, 230 shots; AVENUE 103, 24; DAYLESFORD 88, 79; SMEATON 85, -37; Midlands 71, 5; Central Wendouree B 59, -70; Victoria 48, -34; Mt Xavier 47, -70; Creswick 46, -49; Webbcona 42, -78



WEBBCONA 60 lt AVENUE 77: Joan Gibley, Lola Redfern, Val Savage, Jen Shepherd 21 lt Marg Metric, Vera Layton, Judy Auty, Marie Russell 29; Brett Collins, Neil Redfern, Coral Crawford, Jackie Hammond 25 d Laurie Burke, Pat Burke, Brenda Robinson, Dot Cook 20; Sarah Braybrook, Marg Auer, Lyn Lane, Ann Gull 14 lt Clare Carlton, Bev Kemp, Molly Whiting, Doreen Connell 28.

CRESWICK 59 lt VICTORIA 71: Colleen Baker, Sue Woolcock, June Whitehead, Judith Caddy 18 lt Barry Clark, Jenny Bromilow, Pat Anderson, Ros Capuano 29; Betty Wade, Jenny van der Pol, Elise Bennett, Beth Huntley 23 d Vicki Chapman, Shane Bromilow, Marilyn Blake, Brenda Hughes 18; Elle van Oirschot, Liz Hocking, Ev Currie, Jean Rhook 18 lt Kath Kellett, Paul Tudorovic, Elaine Treloar, Glenis Ward 24.

MIDLANDS 76 d MT XAVIER 48: Geoff Jenkins, Lorraine Mason, Trish Speechley, Allison Slee 27 d Jan Giles, Trevor Adams, Gwen Burge, Joy Adams 16; Joan Adams, Wilma Jenkins, Jan Vincent 27 d Norma Britt, Angie Maher, Irene Ritchie, Marg McKenna 19; Marlene Davis, Max Phillipson, Vera Lacy, Sandra Grano 22 d Ian Ogg, Cath Ogg, Leanne Jones, Carmel Mitchell 13.

DAYLESFORD 88 d CENTRAL WENDOUREE B 45: Anne Bremner, Jo Keating, Maureen Tate, Jo Best 24 d Phyl Boustead, Heather O’Brien, Trish Copeman, Val Page 17; Angie Hearn, Nigel Dempster, Chris Mellis, Lois Voterakis 29 d Marg Gallagher, Jean Burt, Joyce Barnes, Heather Snibson 15; Ron Bull, Paul Kelly, Tania Hearn, Dot Bull 35 d Lyn Kelly, Sally McCracken, Sue Shaw, Carleen Bowers 13.

CENTRAL WENDOUREE A 96 d SMEATON 54: Marg O’Meara, Marg Wilkins, Di Bailey, Heather Hopkinson 27 d Joan Lafranchi, Colin Toose, Maxine Rousch, Elizabeth Cosgrove 12; Elizabeth Kierce, Joy Watson, Lyn Maple, Jill Kenyon 33 d Kerryn May, Robyn Bradshaw, Esma Slater, Rhonda Armstrong 26; Libby Liston, Gwen Archibald, Sue Peters, Kay Geddes 36 d Judy Lafranchi, Robyn Shaw, Jenny Toose, Helen Mizzeni 16.


CITY OVAL 74 lt CENTRAL WENDOUREE 79: David Flintoff, Pat Holman, Heather Dolling, Cheryl Magrath 24 lt Dawn Briggs, Ann Moloney, Mavis Edwards, Barbara Kinnersly 29; Trevor Sullivan, Bev Lewis, Dorothy Sheehan, Jan Vance 32 d Kerry Watts, Rae Wilkins, Pam Collins, Gayle Andrew 23; Wayne Clarke, Gwen O’Farrell, Janine Roberts, Madeleine Curtis 18 lt Carmel Mahony, Rob Watson, Beth Dixon, Meryl Holloway 27.

SEBASTOPOL B 62 lt LEARMONTH 70: Carole Bowtell, Bonnie Simpson, Judie Matthews, Helen Sculley 21 lt Marg Lakey, David Powell, Ilma Bridgwater, Glennis Hopkins 25; Lorraine Lawrence, Elaine Pitts, Chris Thomas, Jan Schickerling 18 lt Liz Burke, Betty Walters, Isobel Shillito, Gwen Molloy 27; Margaret Crombie, Pauline Harvey, Betty Paton, Margaret Drake 23 d Betty Powell, Val Brown, Shirley Marshall, Lyn Wilson 18.

CLUNES 65 lt SEBASTOPOL A 86: Jason Ryan, Barbara Millar, Maureen Goldsmith, Betty Kinnersly 19 lt Charlie Baker, Cherryl Helmore, Aileen Kerr, June Maddox 24; Lois Hudson, Isabel Hill, Narella Vorbach, Dawn Vorbach 24 lt Graeme Seymour, Nora Walters, Helen Kinnersly, Jenny Harman 29; Maureen Harris, Jean Higgins, Lee Dixon, Debbie Annear 22 lt Cheryl Hawkes, Doug Gordon, June Baker, Jan Gordon 33.

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Creswick’s Elly Van Oirschot takes her position during the division one midweek pennant yesterday. PICTURE: KATE HEALY

Creswick’s Elly Van Oirschot takes her position during the division one midweek pennant yesterday. PICTURE: KATE HEALY


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