In The Closet with Heidi Jarvis

Heidi Jarvis has fond childhood memories of her mother’s haberdashery shop, where she would collect fabrics and sew creations. Handkerchiefs became “a constant gift” within Heidi’s family.

Now as the owner/manager of handkerchief store Boutique Heidi, the mother-of-two names the handkerchief sizes after her family members “to keep the family and personality in the dream”. Her four-year-old son, Vedder, also helps choose the designs. 

I caught up with Heidi in between her various other business interests – including managing marketing for Sharp Airlines and running a meeting room business – to hear more about her unique venture.

Why handkerchiefs?

A handkerchief can be simple, elaborate, stylish, classic, funky. They are an essential accessory and can be a reflection of your personality. Whenever you see someone with a nice hankie, there is a sense of style. 

How do you choose the fabrics?

Our handkerchiefs are made from beautiful limited-edition fabrics that we select from Australian, Japan and London. We try to use Ballarat suppliers as much as possible. Our logistics and dispatch, sourcing of fabric (where possible), branding, photography, and packaging are done in Ballarat.

I can image handkerchiefs are a popular accessory at the moment with the move towards vintage and reusable products?

Hankies are better than tissues for the environment. We have many eco-friendly companies stocking our green range of organic and vintage handkerchiefs. Our mission is to ensure all packaging is minimal and made from recycled materials. 

Writing this column, I feel as though I have discovered a huge creative community which I didn’t know existed in Ballarat... It’s great to meet like-minded people who are passionate about quality and unique handmade products.

Where do you sell your products?

We have a factory outlet at 17 Armstrong Street South, plus we are a regular at the Design Exchange. We have been selling across Australia and regularly to the UK. 




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