Storm blows climate change jokes away

Storm blows climate change jokes away

Last Friday's severe hailstorm that damaged 50 homes and tore out trees in Sebastopol, Mt Clear and Mt Helen was preceded by Ballarat's third hottest November day on record.

I wonder if Robert Kelty (letters, November 29) noticed the irony that his letter claiming "the climate change religion has run out of puff" was published on the same day?

We have already warmed the earth's atmosphere to the point where storms like this one are becoming more intense and other effects of global warming such as drought and heat waves are becoming more intense and more commonplace.

It's no longer just scientists telling us this. The World Bank and International Energy Agency are both warning of the dangers we face if we don't speed up the shift we've started away from dirty energy towards renewable energy.

Mr Kelty is free to occupy whichever parallel universe he chooses but when our elderly have to battle through heatwaves and people are having their roofs blown off by unseasonal storms he may find his climate change jokes fall a bit flat.

Andrew Bray



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