Housing pressure prompts woman to steal

A WOMAN caught shoplifting from Rebel Sport said she deliberately left the security tags on when she walked out the door, a court has heard. 

Danielle Bennett, 25, was living unhappily in emergency accommodation at the time and thought that by getting arrested her situation might change.

The Redan woman appeared in Ballarat Magistrates Court yesterday where she pleaded guilty to the shop theft earlier this year.

The court heard Bennett was with another person at the Ballarat store when they put at least six items in a green shopping bag and attempted to exit the building.

But as they left the security alarm went off and the pair were apprehended.

 Magistrate Peter Couzens fined Bennett $200 with conviction.

“Although I’m somewhat confused by your motivation for this offence, I do take into account your plea of guilty,” he said.

Bennett has since found private accommodation.