List overview: Collingwood

Brodie Grundy (centre) thrives on the physical nature of the game.
Brodie Grundy (centre) thrives on the physical nature of the game.

Collingwood Magpies 2013

0 Tim Broomhead
0 Brodie Grundy  
0 Ben Kennedy 
0 Jackson Ramsay  
1 Alex Fasolo  
2 Jordan Russell  
4 Alan Didak  
5 Nick Maxwell  
6 Tyson Goldsack  
7 Andrew J. Krakouer 
8 Heritier O'Brien 
9 Martin Clarke 
10 Scott Pendlebury 
11 Jarryd Blair 
12 Luke Ball  
13 Dale Thomas 
14 Clinton Young
15 Jarrod Witts
16 Nathan J. Brown 
17 Dayne Beams  
18 Darren Jolly  
20 Ben Reid  
21 Quinten Lynch  
22 Steele Sidebottom  
23 Lachlan Keeffe 
24 Josh Thomas  
26 Ben L. Johnson 
28 Ben Sinclair 
30 Brent Macaffer 
32 Travis Cloke 
33 Jackson Paine 
34 Alan Toovey 
35 Jamie Elliott  
36 Dane Swan
39 Heath Shaw 
40 Paul Seedsman 
44 Corey Gault 
46 Marley Williams

0 Ben Hudson 
38 Peter Yagmoor  
47 Michael Hartley  
48 Caolan Mooney
Kyle Martin
Sam Dwyer
Adam Oxley
Jack Frost
Ben Richmond

0 - number not yet notified.


THE SKINNY: The Magpies were shrewd operators. They lost Chris Dawes to Melbourne and Sharrod Wellingham to West Coast but found like-for-like replacements in Quinten Lynch and former Hawk Clinton Young. They also traded Tom Young for a fourth-round draft pick and then used that as a bargaining chip to add Carlton’s Jordan Russell to the list, essentially replacing a young defender for a more experienced one. The club had admitted it needed to improve its ball use when kicking inside 50 and Young will help in this area. Lynch will play the ruck-forward role the club values so highly. The Magpies have also cleverly accrued key picks in next month’s national draft, leading off with 18, 19 and 21.

VERDICT: Was smart with its moves, reinforcing why it is one of the league’s power clubs.

DRAFT PICKS: 18, 19, 21, 39, 82, 100, 118, 136


18. BRODIE GRUNDY (Sturt, 18, 202cm, 100kg)

Aggressive ruckman who thrives on the physical nature of the game. Has played senior SANFL football, excels at stoppage work and is dangerous in attack.

19. BEN KENNEDY (Glenelg, 18, 174cm, 76kg)

Small forward or midfielder who boasts explosive pace and is creative, especially around goal. Wins the ball and is equally adept in stoppage situations.

20. TIM BROOMHEAD (Port Adelaide [SANFL], 18, 182cm, 73kg)

Medium-sized midfielder with an excellent turn of speed, great vision and a cool head with the ball in his hands. Very efficient with his disposal.

38. JACKSON RAMSAY (East Perth, 17, 183cm, 77kg)

Medium-sized defender who is noted for his courage, poise and excellent work-rate.

80. Pass.

94. MARLEY WILLIAMS (Collingwood, 19, 181cm, 81kg)

Small forward elevated from the rookie list. Played six games through 2012 until he suffered a season-ending shoulder injury.


Kyle Martin (No.13, rookie), Sam Dwyer (No.27, rookie), Adam Oxley (No.35, rookie), Jack Frost (No.41, rookie), Ben Hudson (No.47, rookie), Peter Yagmoor (No.49, rookie), Ben Richmond (No.53, rookie)

Passed in the pre-season draft but filled its quota in the rookie draft with seven picks, most of them used on ready-made players. The Magpies drew three players from the VFL, gave Yagmoor another chance and extended the career of evergreen Hudson, who will provide rucking insurance should a serious injury befall Darren Jolly.

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