Following council's safety instructions

My name is Rick Betts and I wish to respond to my critics about my story in Monday's The Courier concerning the long grass opposite my place in Gregory Street, Lake Wendouree.

Firstly, we do not mow this grass ourselves because this area has not been levelled and landscaped properly. This land is very rough and makes it very difficult to push a lawn mower - believe me, I have already tried.

Secondly, I believe council levies residence rates to raise money for roads, infrastructure and other projects, including grass cutting, in our city.

Therefore, it is not my job to do this for them while I am keeping my place fire safe, as this is what council spends a lot of time telling us we have to do.

Not only that, council is always reminding us that non-compliance will mean big fines if we do not do this.


Lake Wendouree


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