Saleyards move went unnoticed

On December 22, three days before Christmas, The Courier printed the announcement that the saleyards would be moved to Miners Rest.

The timing was a 'perfect cover' with nearly everyone preparing the biggest family event of the year followed and the usual holiday break.

As planned, most families who will be severely affected by the saleyard relocation were probably too busy to take notice.

This location is the very same location that caused a huge stir with more than 200 angry Miners Rest residents attending a poorly advertised meeting in Mt Clear shortly after the Learmonth debacle.

The mayor at that time said that this site would be dropped from future plans.

On the evening news, January 16, it was stated that there was no backlash against the new site plans and that the placement was well received and supported.

There has been 'no backlash' because most of the Miners Rest community residents are not aware that this site has been chosen again.

Many Miners Rest residents do not know that these saleyards will be just one kilometre or less from residential homes on and near Albert Street/Miners Rest Road and close to other areas.

Well received and supported by whom? Could they be the happy people in those areas of Ballarat that were not chosen for the saleyard site?

Could they be the people who won't have the stench near their homes and therefore have no concern? Could it be the people who stand to gain huge profits from this placement?

Why will the community be invited to meet with the stakeholders as announced in The Courier?

Is it not th

e responsibility of our elected councillors to represent their constituents and explain their voting actions?

Who will gain from the placement of the saleyards in Miners Rest with cattle trucks passing all through the day and night, with the smell downwind from the South-west wind and with the sounds of distressed animals so close to homes?

The winners will be the stakeholders and the

landowners selling their sites.

Presumably, the city council will gain more revenue by placing the yards within the city limits but the residents of Miners Rest will be the losers with devaluation of properties and quality of life compromised.

Miners Rest residents ask our city council to be upright, open and honest; call a meeting in the Miners Rest hall or school and explain.

If it is as "well received and supported" as reported, city councillors should be willing to meet with Miners Rest residents and take note of their serious concerns before voting on this issue.

Brenda Beck

Miners Rest


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