Crash mum fined: drink driving nurse hit fence, refused test.

A DRINK-driver will be off the road for two years after crashing her car in Addington last year, a court has heard.

Julie Kroussoratis, 40, appeared in Ballarat Magistrates Court yesterday where she pleaded guilty to careless driving and refusing a breath test.

The court heard that Kroussoratis was driving in the small town late on March 23 last year when she failed to negotiate a bend in the road.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Steve Kent said the mother-of-three lost control of the vehicle and crashed through a fence before coming to rest on a second wire fence.

The first fence was destroyed due to the speed she was travelling.

Witnesses observed a delirious and unsteady Kroussoratis emerge from the damaged vehicle, before she went to her parents’ house nearby.

When police attended about 20 minutes later, Kroussoratis refused a breath test and claimed she hadn’t even been driving.

She had initially intended to contest the charges but decided to plead guilty yesterday.

Defence lawyer Andrew Madden said the vehicle was written off and the damaged fences had since been repaired.

He said his client, who has worked as a nurse and a lecturer, had recently found work after a challenging period in her life.

“But it’s questionable whether that employment will continue in the face of this,” he said.

“The (mandatory) loss of her licence for this period is going to have a significant impact on her.”

Mr Madden admitted his client had a problem with alcohol.

Magistrate Jack Vandersteen fined Kroussoratis $500 and disqualified her from driving for two years.

“It is a very serious incident ... but you know that, you’ve been a lecturer to emergency attendees,” he said.

“And being a nurse, you’ve worked in hospitals and know the seriousness of drink-driving.”

Mr Vandersteen also said he was pleased Kroussoratis had recognised her problem with alcohol.