We are drowning in over-governance

It is time for us all to realise we are drowning in a sea of over-governance in this country.

In saying this our collective focus should be firmly placed on its existence at state level.

There seems to be an ever increasing plethora of ministers and their various portfolios, each minister employing at least one PA who in turn carries 'appropriate staff' who utilise other foot soldiers and so the gravy train rolls on.

Recently at a salubrious meeting at the Creswick Retreat, one of the first items on the agenda was the announcement of a considerable increase to politicians' already over-generous superannuation plus a 2.5 per cent increase in salary, which tends to occur fairly regularly.

Health, transport, education - these three topics alone leave people shaking their heads in despair.

It is time to create an independent body with its sole mandate to severely prune this over-growing political tree before its canopy completely blocks our view of a bright future and its roots choke the life out of us.




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