Rock of ages has been fading away

Regrettably I missed the Rockabilly Dance Festival.

Luckily, in the 60s we grew up with it, albeit only 60 per cent every Saturday night for two shillings.

Housed in an impressive, proudly standing first-class venue called the Civic Hall, we enjoyed 60/40 dancing.

Forty per cent was old time, and we knew the steps. Usually out to the rear carpark for banned alcohol.

Pubs shut at 6pm. Alas, with alcohol on your breath, you were refused entry. Maybe that is what killed the show.

The typical old cars promoted now were basic transport then.

Progress dictated for punk rock to take over, plus alcohol.

The only similarity between then and now is that money ruled.

The Rockabilly was not subsidised by the hillbillies in power above to survive.

It looks like the Civic Hall building is now going the same way as the dances, but with a more slow and painful death.




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