Police call for victims of music festival 'upskirting' to come forward

VICTORIA Police has called for Rainbow Serpent festival-goers who feel they might be victims of an alleged up-skirting incident to come forward. 

On Monday, a 45-year old Fryerstown man was booked on 210 charges of upskirting following an alleged incident in a public toilet at the Lexton event. 

Victoria Police media spokesman Inspector Ian Geddes said police were limited with what information they could release, due to the impending hearing in the Ballarat Magistrates Court on February 27. 

“If (festival-goers) believe they are a victim, I advise (that) they go to their local police station and provide as much detail as they can,” Inspector Geddes said. 

“Incidents like this have been growing in recent years ... it’s driven by the internet and people becoming more aware of these types of events.” 

Inspector Geddes said in cases like this, the offender usually used the content for their own pleasure.