Where is Roslyn Withers?

ALANA Withers just wants to know whether her mother Roslyn is alive.

Alana, 21, was the last of Mrs Withers' seven children to see her mother, back on February 1, 2010.

Since then, there has only been one rumoured sighting in Ballarat and she has had no family contact.

Alana is now planning to put in a missing person's report, which could also reveal if any of Mrs Wither's bank accounts have been touched.

In an emotional letter to her mother, Alana said not knowing whether their mother was dead or alive was tearing her and her siblings, aged 14 to 35, apart.

"Without you, none of us would be here today, and we can't thank you enough for bringing us all into this world, but not knowing where you are is killing us mentally and emotionally," the letter reads.

"Please understand that we need to know that you're okay. We need closure mum, please. We never thought you'd be gone this long, we waited way too long until now because we were hoping you'd come back a long time ago.

"If you don't want anyone knowing where you are and you're happy, that's fine but please, please let someone know that you're okay and safe so we can have that peace of mind."

According to family friend Michael Chew-Payne, Mrs Withers was raped and bashed in a 2007 incident in which charges were laid but there was no finding of guilt.

The incident left Mrs Withers in a coma and on life support, and Michael and Alana said her behaviour changed considerably after she recovered, becoming addicted to both alcohol and gambling.

Alana said her mother had also been a constant visitor to the Ballarat Aboriginal Co-operative, where she once worked as a receptionist, but hadn't been sighted there in four years either.

She said her eldest sister had been adopted by a lawyer and he was trying to track down Mrs Withers' extended family in northern Queensland in case she had returned to her childhood home.

Alana said her mother, whose full maiden name was Roslyn Elizabeth Snee, was missing her front teeth, had a scar from the life support on her neck and had distinctive long, wavy bright red hair.

If anyone knows Mrs Withers whereabouts, they can contact 5320 1218.

Alana Withers has not seen her mother Roslyn (inset) since February, 2010. PIC: Kate Healy, supplied.

Alana Withers has not seen her mother Roslyn (inset) since February, 2010. PIC: Kate Healy, supplied.


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